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Top Tech Careers if You Want to Play Games and Get Paid for It

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Are you bored of the job that you have? Or do you feel that your job is dull? Just imagine how great it would be to have a job where all you would have to do is to play games all day long. If you are someone who loves to play video games it would be a dream come true if you get a chance to just play games all day at work. There are many jobs that need the people to play games.

Well there are actual jobs that you can take up to earn real money and all you would have to do is play games that you love and you boss won’t get angry on you for doing that. These jobs are really cool and they actually pay very well too.

We will share with you tech jobs careers, that you can really choose from, if you want to play games and get paid for it. These jobs are out there and you just have to look out for them make your career in something that you really love doing. More on this site.

What are these jobs?

Game Tester

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about a job that pays for playing game would be to become a game tester. This is one of the coolest job for people who love to get paid to play games. All you would have to do is play games that are new in the market or the games that your company has recently developed. This is to make sure whether or not the people would like that particular game or if the graphics and designs of the game are up to the mark.

Professional Gamer

A professional gamer is just exactly what it sounds like, a person who plays games for a profession. It is a dream come true for a lot of people. The person in this job role is supposed to be involved in a gaming activity, like a video game or any other game. They can play games for a longer period of time. These players are either a part of a community or a group where they can play games for a longer period of time.

Game Designer

A game designer is someone who is supposed to make designs of the game and the graphics of the game. They are involved in process of thinking of the story lines. How the background of the game would look like and how it would turn out to be.

Character Designer

A character designer is someone who designs the animated characters of the game. They create the avatars, the size of the characters, what clothes they would be wearing, what colour they would be? They are responsible to actually add life to the game. They design the people that you actually play.

Concept Artist

You can be a concept artist, this is amongst one of the jobs that would let you play games all day. You can design the clothes of the characters, you can plan what the storyline of the game would be. They are responsible behind the whole concept of the game.

There are so many similar jobs that pay your really well and all you have to do is just play games and share you ideas with their team. So look out there and many potential jobs would be there for you.

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