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Taking a Look at Instagram’s Platform Improvements over the Years

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The Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media networks. All the celebrities and their followers now prefer connecting on the Instagram instead of any other platform. The situation was not the same at the beginning of this platform as there were several other powerful social media networks already working on this theme.

However, the Instagram administration made several changes to their platform according to the requirements of the youth and now they have finally achieved this incredible position. In this article, we are going to talk about some remarkable changes that were made to the Instagram so that you may increase your knowledge about your favorite social media platform in case you missed something.

In the beginning, it was just a simple photo sharing app where you could share some photos with your friends by applying some filters to them. But Mark Zuckerberg understood the importance of this idea and he offered $1 billion to the founder of Instagram in 2012. That’s totally another story so, let’s get back to our topic. Here are the changes that are made to the Instagram over the past few years.

Story sharing feature

As we have mentioned before that the Instagram was just a photo sharing app in the beginning but with the passage of the time, the administration realized that they need to follow the latest trends otherwise, they would be left far behind in the competition. So, they added the story sharing feature to their platform. The users greatly appreciated this amazing feature of the Instagram. In the beginning, the stories used to disappear after 24 hours but then they enabled the users to share their stories on their timeline for the lifetime. So, now you can easily share the stories on your timeline without having to worry about any time limit.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy was not strong enough in the beginning but now you can enjoy the incredible privacy while using Instagram. The privacy policy allows you to keep your timeline and followers hidden from those that are not on your friends’ list. This is the most remarkable feature due to which Instagram has become very popular.

Camera options

In 2017, some camera options were introduced on the Instagrams. These options allow you capture photos in different modes and they also allow you to make the videos and apply several effects. The boomerang feature became very popular in the past year and it is still being used at a huge level. There are many other Instagram captions for selfies that were introduced in this new update.

Live broadcast

The live broadcast feature was not available on the Instagram in the past but now you can take advantage of this feature and share your live moments with your friends. The live broadcast feature was introduced in the mid of 2017 and the celebrities appreciated this feature the most.

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