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How to Make Your Own Electric Scooters

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We know for a fact that building your own electric scooter is a huge deal. But it can be achieved by perfectly following the instructions. Before getting into action, we should know the qualities of a good electric scooter. So to have a clear picture go through some of the scooters reviewed by sprousebros so that it will come in handy while building your own scooter.

The process of assembling the parts will take some minutes when you carefully follow the recommended steps. Some of the main parts of the scooter that you will need for the assembly include;

  • Simple push scooter
  • Cordless drill
  • Bike hand brake and cable
  • A rectangular piece of wood
  • A piece of stick-on Velcro

Once you have all the parts, you should follow these simple steps to make your personal electric scooter.

Get the Brake Pedal

This is the initial step that you need to start with. Remove the safety system brakes by losing the nuts or bolts. Once the brake pedals are ready, you can now get to the next stage.

Add Friction to the Drill

In order to add some friction to the drill, you should add the Velcro the chuck drill. This will aid in increasing the friction on to the wheels of the scooter. You can always use the stick on Velcro or any other suitable material that will suit you. After adding the friction, you need to make sure that the chuck is able to spin easily.

Attach the Drill Platform

With the rectangular piece of wood/plastic, position it perfectly on to the base of the scooter. You need to leave some part of it hanging off the left side of the scooter. Using a thread or zip tie, you need to mount it properly through the holes of the brake. After this, you should tie down the platform using the zip ties. Alternatively, you can decide to thread the zip tie at the bottom of the scooter then through the holes to keep it intact.

Add the Drill

In this step, you need to tie the drill down. It should be positioned such that the chuck touches the wheels at the angle. You should then zip tie the drill on to the scooter as you ensure that the drill maintains the right position on the scooter. For you to increase the speeds and friction, you should position the zip ties in order to pull the drill to the wheels. After tightening the zip ties, it shouldn’t slip off the scooter.

In this stage, you will need the cable and handbrake to add the throttle. Place the hand brake on the handlebars. Secondly, you should move the brake cable towards to the drill then position it behind the drill trigger. Ensure that you properly zip tie the end of the brake cable to the handle drill. Also, make sure that the cable doesn’t slip by securing it perfectly. To complete the set up of the scooter, ensure that when you pull the brake handle, the drill is able to move and spins the wheel. With these simple steps, you will get the scooter ready for riding.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow when you wish to make an electric scooter. You need to be very careful when making the scooter to ensure that all parts are included. The speed will always depend on the motor. This implies that for great speed, try out the powerful motors.

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