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Key improvements made to gaming laptops over the last 10 years

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The gaming laptops of today’s world are a lot different compares as compared to a decade old laptops. There are lots of advancements made in the present laptops and the major reason for these advancements is the use of advanced technology in the games. The games are becoming advanced continuously and the old laptops aren’t capable of running those games successfully.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the changes made in the laptops these days so that you may understand that why is it important to buy an advanced laptop instead of an old machine. The changes are not only made in the hardware but there are several changes made in the software and style as well. The better software and hardware quality helps gamers play their desired games.

We recommend this review for the best gaming laptops if you’re looking to understand that why is it important to buy an advanced laptop. Let’s take a look at some advanced features that are used in the latest gaming laptops.

Nvidia Graphics Card

The Use of Nvidia graphics card is very common in the latest laptops while the old laptops rarely had this feature in them. The Nvidia graphics card has the ability to run all the advanced games without any interruption. Most of the latest gaming laptops have Nvidia 1080 mounted in them but Nvidia 1060 and 1070 can also provide you the better results if you’re tight on budget.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution options are also changed in the latest laptops. Now, you can easily run the HD quality games on your laptop without any speed issue. Even some laptops have the 4K feature in them. So, if you’re looking to play latest 4K quality games, you don’t have to worry because the latest laptops can help you play those games.


The RAM speed has also increased in the latest laptops and now you can enjoy a better gaming experience with the help of the fast speed RAM. The RAM plays an important role in improving the performance of your laptop especially when you’re playing high-quality games on the laptop. The old laptops don’t support the latest games because they have low-speed RAM mounted in them.

You can also get the old laptop customized according to your needs but it won’t show you the results that you’re going to enjoy with the latest laptops.


The changes in style have brought an amazing change to these laptops. The old gaming laptops didn’t have a stylish look in them and they used to look like a heavy machine because the manufacturers were focusing on providing the high-speed, not the stylish looks but with the advancements in technology, the manufacturers started thinking about changes in the style of the laptops and them have made several beautiful and unique designs of the gaming laptops. And the latest laptops have become slim as compared to the old ones.

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